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In 2006 the University implemented Moodle version 1.9 as the centrally supported Learning Management System. The University maintains our Moodle site to the latest stable version in November each year to ensure minimal disruption to the academic year. Following are the major Moodle updates we have scheduled.

Moodle 2.9 update - November 2015

This version included more fantastic improvements and new features. These include a personalised dashboard landing page for all users, a user menu & preference page, auto-save feature and Maori macrons in the editor, forum enhancements, course management improvements, grade building and assignment actiity improvements, and the highly anticipated gradebook Interface improvements which now uses the entire page and allows single view per student or activity for a course.

Moodle 2.7 update - November 2014

This version included many great great improvements and new feature highlights. These include Interface improvements, multiple Assignemtn and Quiz improcements, Restrict access to provide conditional release of resources and activities.

Moodle 2.5 update - November 2013

The Moodle community releases two major version each year. From 2013, the University aims to upgrade to keep up with these code chagnes at least once a year. In November 2013 we will upgrade to version 2.5 which was officially released in May 2013.

This version has revamped Assignment and Dialogue modules as well as a new resource module, Book. It has improved course editing and a new responsive theme which is compatible on mobile devices.

Moodle 2 update - October 2011

In November 2010 the Moodle community released a major new version, Moodle 2.0.  The WCEL Team worked hard for over a year to ensure our relevant customisations were upgraded and tested successfully. The new version of Moodle was piloted in B semester with about a dozen academic staff and nearly 600 students and feedback received was positive. The upgrade process taken was to create a copy of the 1.9 Moodle site on Tuesday 25th October 2011, leaving Moodle in Read Only mode while we worked on upgrading the copy. The upgraded site was provided at approximately 5pm Wednesday 26th October 2011.

Moodle 2 has a much cleaner and simpler look, and includes interface and navigation improvements, enhancements to the forum and quiz activities.  The ability for users to hide or ‘dock’ the side blocks also allows individuals to increase the screen real estate for their course content  and repository integration which allows users to easily connect to other sites such as Flickr, Google Docs and Youtube. 

Information and training sessions were scheduled for staff to demonstrate the improvements and explain how these can support appropriate pedagogies. Student help files and support material were updated before the upgrade to ensure reference material was available immediately.

Read more about the Moodle Maintenance on the eLearn Moodle software and servers.

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