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eLearn - Maintenance

Occasionally WCEL and ITS need to carry out maintenance on the Moodle software and servers. Staff associated to a Moodle paper as either a Moodle Teacher or Co-Teacher are advised of these upgrades prior to the upgrade via the Moodle Announcements forum in the Moodle Users Course. These news posts are emailed to all users. A site news post is added to the front page of Moodle to advise all users however staff are encouraged to let their students know.

General Moodle Updates

The WCEL and ITS teams work hard to ensure Moodle is running smoothly and best able to cope with increasing usage and activity. As with any software, we need to ensure we keep Moodle up to date for security and development purposes. These general updates to Moodle are scheduled between 1pm and 2pm on a Wednesday to coincide with Cultural Hour and are usually completed well short of the specified hour. Our team require some time before and after an upgrade to ensure it is successful so cultural hour fits well in terms of having hours (and days of the week) before and after the upgrade to monitor the system. Read more about our major Moodle upgrades which occur in November each year.

Moodle Free Mondays

There are times when WCEL and ITS need more than one hour to complete larger upgrades. These larger updates allow us to ensure both the Moodle software and servers (where the Moodle documents are stored) are up to date and provide the best performance we can offer. It is also a time where we can install, test and enable exciting new Moodle features. The University should plan for Moodle to be unavailable between 8am and 5pm on the three designated Mondays reserved for these major upgrades. To avoid disappointment and disruption to students it is important that assessment due dates or compulsory activities are not scheduled on these days. While we understand these dates may clash with some schedules, there is no time where Moodle is not used and these dates have been identified as having low amounts of teaching so should provide minimal disruption to staff and students so are not negotiable. Moodle Free Mondays image

2017 Moodle Free Mondays:

  • Monday 23rd January 2017
  • Monday 26th June 2017
  • Monday 13th November 2017

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