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Moodle - Student Help

This section of the Help Files covers your Moodle profile. To view your Moodle profile click your name shown in the top right hand corner of the main site (or paper) page. You can also click your name when you see it on a forum post to view your profile. If your preferred name is not displayed update your details in iWaikato.

To view another user's profile click their name when you see it on a forum post or from the Participants page. You will see their customised profile page.

Click on your name at the top right of the screen to access the User Menu. Click your name to view your Profile Page or click 'My profile > View profile' in the Navigation block.

Logged in Username

Editing Your Profile

Edit your profile to change your preferred photo, add a description about yourself, list your interests or alter your personal details* and Moodle settings such as forum subscription and tracking options and the language displayed in Moodle.

  1. Click 'Preferences > Edit Profile' in the User menu
  2. Edit the information you wish to change and ensure you complete any compulsory fields
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Update Profile' button

* Your email address and contact telephone numbers are recorded via the official student records and as such need to be changed within the Contact Details portlet in iWaikato. An overnight process will copy your changes from iWaikato to Moodle.

Email address options

The Email address displayed in your Moodle profile is your preferred contact email address. To change this please update your details within the Contact Details portlet in iWaikato.

User Profile Email options

Email display

This setting allows you to determine if other students can see your email address. You can choose to display your email to everyone on the Moodle site or only other people in papers you are associated to in Moodle. Note that teachers will be able to access your email address.

Email format

This determines if any emails sent to you by Moodle will be in plain text or HTML format.

Forum Notification Default Options

User Profile Email Notifications

Forum digest type

This determines whether you get immediate email notifications when others post to a forum you are subscribed to or whether you get one email per day with all notifications (a daily digest ). The options are:

  • No Digest - means that you will receive a new email every time someone posts a new message on a forum
  • Complete - means that you receive a daily email listing all new posts made that day and include the posts themselves
  • Subjects - means you receive a daily post listing only the subject in which new posts were made, the posts are not included

Forum auto-subscribe

This determines your default subscription setting. This is displayed on the forum page when you are posting or replying to a forum message. Some Moodle forums (such as the News forum of each paper) force you to be subscribed and some forums prevent forum subscription.

Forum Tracking (note this also sets this for the Dialogue module)

This determines whether you are shown "new posts" flags beside forums and dialogue activities.

Forum Tracking

If you subscribe to a forum any unread posts will be marked as read when the forum subscription email is sent. The options are:

  • Yes - this option will show messages indicating that a forum has a new post or indicating a new post that you have not yet seen
  • No - this option means that all forums and posts appear the same and show no indication if they are new

Preferred Language settings

You can choose your preferred language via your profile so each time you log in Moodle wording is displayed in your chosen language.

User Profile Language

Headings and function wording in Moodle such as 'Calendar', 'Navigation' and 'Edit profile' appear in your chosen language.

Maori Language in Moodle

You can change the Moodle langugage via the "Language" Menu however this will not be remembered the next time you log in.

Note that your lecturer may force a language to be used within a paper. Where text is typed in one language by the lecturer or another student Moodle will not translate it.

There are over 100 languages available to enable in Moodle. If your prefered language is not displayed contact the ITS Heldpesk to request it be added.

User Picture

Your student ID photo is transferred to Moodle via an overnight process after it has been taken. You can update your image (for Moodle only) via your Moodle profile. Please ensure you are in the new photo as lecturers use these to become familiar with the students in a paper. If you Delete any existing image your profile image will revert to your student ID photo overnight.

To upload a new photoUser profile photo

  1. If you have a photo on your computer you would like to use click the 'Choose File' button.  Moodle also crops your photo into a square so it is a good idea to find an image with you in the centre of the frame.
    NOTE: You could also choose an existing photo from your Private files, Google Docs or via a Flickr search.
  2. When uploading a photo, once you have selected the correct file click the 'Upload this file' button
  3. Provide a description of your photo, this field is used by visually impaired users who use screen reader software to read web pages.
  4. The photo will be updated when you click the 'Update Profile' button at the bottom of the screen

Note: You may be required to refresh your webpage (press F5) or clear your temporary internet files (cache) to view your new image.

If your old Student ID photo is displayed and you would prefer your newer ID photo to be displayed you need to delete the old photo from Moodle, do this by checking the 'Delete' checkbox in the "Picture of" section of your profile and clicking Save Changes. The default Moodle picture will display until the University's overnight process updates your photo. If this fails to update please contact the ITS Heldpesk.

Photos are not updated automatically if a photo already exists in your Moodle profile

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