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This section of the Help Files covers the Quiz activity. A Quiz can have either multiple choice, true-false, short answer or essay type questions. Each attempt is normally automatically marked, and your lecturer can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers after your attempt. You may be able to attempt a quiz one or more times depending on the settings chosen by your lecturer.

Some quizzes may contain a timer. If this is the case the time remaining will be displayed in a floating timer box on the left of the page. The timer changes colour as the time limit reduces. If you do not submit your quiz before the timer has run out the quiz is automatically submitted for you. Do not attempt to use the back button to 'gain extra' time as your quiz will be graded zero (0) if the time is overridden.

Click on the quiz name to view the introduction and instructions. The example below provides an introduction to the quiz and tells you there are 3 attempts allowed, that your highest grade will count, that the quiz has a 20 minute time limit and that the quiz closes on the 17th June 2008 at 8:55pm.

Attempt Quiz

Click 'Attempt quiz now' to begin the quiz. Read each question carefully before answering. The Quiz navigation block is updated as you work through the quiz the quiz. Any questions that you flag will be marked with a red corner (questions 1 and 5 in the example below), answered questions are shaded grey (questions 3 and 4) and unanswered questions in white (questions 1, 4, 5 and 6).

Free or Sequential Quiz Navigation

Your lecturer will configure if the quiz navigation is Free or Sequential. If the numbers in the Quiz Navigation are links to questions you can freely navigate around the quiz viewing different question until you finish your attempt. If the numbers are NOT links you must answer the questions in the order provided before finishing the attempt.

Quiz Navigation Options

Flagging Questions

You can flag questions you are unsure of during an attempt. This allows you to complete questions you are sure about and return to them before submitting the entire quiz attempt.

Use the Quiz Navigation block to track your progress.

Flag Question

Question Types

Essay – these questions allow you to type text into the online editor (similar to an online text assignment).  Essay questions are the only type that requires the lecturer to grade your response manually. 

Essay Quiz Question

Matching – this questions provide a list with a corresponding correct answer in a drop-down menu

Matching Quiz Question

Embedded Answers (Cloze) – these questions require you to complete drop-down multichoice and/or short answer questions within a paragraph of text

Cloze Quiz Question

Multiple Choice – these questions are by far the most popular and require you to select one or more correct answers

MC Quiz Question

Short Answer – these questions require you to type the answer correctly in a text box

Short Answer Quiz Question

Numerical – these questions require you to type a numerical answer into a text box, similar to the short answer question type above.

Numerical Quiz Question

True/False – these questions are also popular and require you to choose either true or false in response to a posed statement

T/F Quiz Question

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