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Moodle - Student Help

This section of the Help Files covers moving around Moodle, managing your paper view and your grades.

Your lecturer will create resources and activities in the center of the Moodle course. The left and right columns are reserved for Moodle blocks which help you move around and provide links to various areas of Moodle.

Paper Layouts

Your paper will have all resources and activities displayed all in a standard layout which displayed all resources and activities on one page. Use the Navigation block to quickly move around to save you from scrolling. In this example Topic 2 has been highlighted as the current topic to work with.

Paper View Standard Layout

Your paper may have a paged layout. This means the resources and activities are not initially displayed on the front page of your course. Each topic will have a summary of the resources and activities within it, click the section name to view these.

Paper View Paged

When viewing one course section, use the previous/next links to go to another section or the section title in the Navigation block.

Paper View One Section

Managing Side Blocks

Dock BlocksBlocks are displayed in the left and right hand columns of Moodle pages. Note: Individual papers have different block layouts.

Collapsing side blocks

You can collapse and expand blocks to change the screen display. Minimise blocks you do not need to reduce the page length.

Click the collapse icon (-) to display only the heading of the block. Click the expand icon (+) to display the entire block.

Docking Blocks

Click the dock icon (<) to move a block to the dock. The Dock is located to the extreme left of your screen. Once a block is located in the Dock, click the block title to view it or the undock icon (>) to place it back to it's original location.

Example Blocks

Following are some of the blocks you may see in Moodle.

The Activities block lists all the activity types used in the paper. If you click on a type shown on this list all activities of that type used in the paper are displayed.

The Search Forum block can be used to search for a word in the forums within your paper.

The Latest news block appears in Topic and Weekly formats. When a new discussion entry is added to the News forum on your course, a link is automatically created in this block.

The Panopto block displays any Panopto lecture recordings for the paper that your lecturer has provided.

The Calendar block displays any due dates or activities as per an activity or entered by the lecturer, tutor or you. All participants are able to add 'User Events' that only they may see. Teachers are able to add 'Paper Events' that all paper participants may see. Groups may add 'Group Events' that all group participants may see. Site Administrators are able to add 'Site Events' that all participants in all papers may see.

The Upcoming Events block lists events that are coming up on the calendar within the next two weeks.

The Recent Activity block shows all activity on the course since the last time a user logged in.

Your Moodle Grades

NOTE: All grades in Moodle are provisional only. Final grades will be published in iWaikato following review by the Boards of Examiners meeting.

Grades link A link to your Grades appears in the Course administration section of the Settings block when viewing your paper if your teacher has enabled this feature and uses the Moodle gradebook.

Click this link to view a list of graded activities for the current paper (this is your User Report). You can also view your Overview Report which is your overall grade for all papers you have in Moodle (at the time of viewing).

User Report

Your User report displays the grades your lecturer has released to you, along with any grade and/or Feedback you have received.

The grade displayed may be the actual score you received or the letter grade associated with your score (or a combination). You may also see the percentage you obtained for each activity and/or the weighting of each item depending on the settings of the paper's gradebook. Your total grade and percentage for the paper is displayed at the bottom of the list. Please note that not all assessed items may appear in Moodle so the total may be for a contribution of your paper grade.

If no grades appear check with your lecturer whether they intend on displaying grades through the Moodle grade book.

Grades - User Report

Remember that grades are not final until they have been confirmed at the Boards of Examiners meetings.

Overview report

This report displays your overall marks for the paper you are taking that appear in Moodle. The total is the accumulated grade current at the time you view the report. Remember these totals also need to be confirmed at the Boards of Examiners meetings.


  • Not all activities may be graded or recorded in Moodle.
  • Some activities are graded on non-numerical scales. The score for these is converted numerically before being aggregated into your paper total.
  • All grades in Moodle are provisional. Final grades will be published in iWaikato following review by the Boards of Examiners meeting.

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