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This section of the Help Files covers the basics of accessing your paper(s). It also covers the technical requirements and recommended browsers to use with Moodle.

This section of the Help Files covers the basics of accessing your paper(s). It also covers the technical requirements and recommended browsers to use with Moodle.

The top of every Moodle page has a Red Link Bar. This contains a link to these files, the Moodle Orientation Video and the 'Moodle Support' course. This is a useful resource centre with practice tools, software download links and a Frequently Asked Questions glossary. The Language option allows you to alter the Moodle words to another language (this does not affect words typed in one language, such as English).

 eLearn Homepage

Two of the side blocks in Moodle will appear throughout the site, they are the Navigation block and the Administration block. The Navigation block provides you with links to your papers and the content within them as well as to your personal home page and site pages. The Administration block provides paper administration such as your Grades and links to the settings pages for your profile, messaging preferences and other page settings you have editing access to.


Conditions of Access

The University of Waikato's eLearning environment, Moodle, is provided for the purposes of teaching and learning. You are reminded that your use of Moodle and any associated tools is subject to the University's Computer Systems Regulations. You should also be aware of the following:

Information Disclosure:
In using Moodle, you agree to make some information about yourself viewable to others including your first and last name, email address, city, paper role and group membership when in the same papers. Users with teaching access to papers you are enrolled in can view additional information such as your username, id number, phone number, last access date and a list of the other papers you are enrolled in. By default, your student id card photo is also displayed on your profile page. You are free to change your photo and control other information that is available about yourself. You should be careful not to add personal or private information about yourself that you do not wish others to see.

Respecting Privacy:
You are expected to respect the right to privacy of others. You must not make inappropriate use of others’ personal information or post private information or contact details (e.g. address, email) about another person. You must not re-post a message that was sent to you privately without permission of the person who sent the message or forward any email notification or RSS feeds from forum postings. Any contact from another user or receipt of any message you feel uncomfortable about should be reported immediately. Information on the University complaints procedures is found on the student complaints policy.

Accessing Your Papers

Remember: Not all University papers have a space within Moodle and only those that have been released by the lecturer will be available. If your paper has a Moodle space you will be provided access (via an overnight process) to the Moodle paper when you have accepted and returned your Formal Offer of Acceptance. Where your paper has a Moodle space and your lecturer has released the space to students it will be displayed in the 'My Courses’' dropdown in the Red Links bar and in the My Papers section of the main Moodle page.  

Before contacting us for help, please check your enrolment status in iWaikato to ensure you are 'ENR' enrolled then contact your lecturer to make sure they have published the paper.

Access your Moodle paper

Click on the paper name to view the main learning page. The Paper Home page is displayed and the title is shown at the top of the page. The Navigation bar and Navigation block also display the paper code.

Paper Homepage

Other papers you are enrolled in will appear under 'My papers' in the Navigation block so you can quickly move from one paper to another. The resources and activities your lecturer has provided appear on the front page of your Moodle paper as hyperlinks. Click the resource or activity name to view and/or participate. For more information on each type of activity see the "Resources & Activities" section of the Help Files.

Remember: It takes an overnight process to enrol you in a Moodle paper. When you log into Moodle and your paper is not displayed this means the paper either has no online component or your enrolment has not been processed completely. Please check with the Helpdesk if you have any queries.

Everyone has a personal Dashboard which is accessed via the "My Home" Link on the Navigation in Moodle or by navigating to directly in your browser.

MyHome Link

The main section of this page provides you with a detailed list of your papers and includes assignment details, upcoming deadlines and recent forum activity. Click the title of a paper to view the paper. Expand the items that need attention to find more information by clicking the words (eg 'You have assignments that need attention'). Click the activity link to go directly to it.

MyHome Course Overview

This screen also provide a link to your private files. This can be used as a temporary file storage area. When attaching or uploading a file to a paper you can easily navigate to this area within the file picker.

Private Files

Click the 'Customise this page' button to enable editing to customise this page.

Customise Page Btn

You can reorder your papers by clicking the 'move' icon and dragging a paper up or down to the position you would like it to appear. You can also set how many appear in this list using the 'Number of courses' dropdown.

Reorder papers

When cusotmising the MyHome page you can move blocks around the page or remove them using the block editing icons. You can also add new blocks that do not already appear on the page uusing the 'Add a block' block.

Customise Blocks

Click the 'Reset page to default' button to start again with the default layout and blocks. Click the 'Stop customising this page' whenyou ae happy with the look.

MyHome Stop Customising

Once you have customised your MyHome page, you may want to add this to your Internet favourites or bookmarks as your Moodle link. Note: doing this will mean you will miss out on important News Announcements on the front page so be sure to visit the Site's Home page on a regular basis.

Internet Browsers

It is recommended you have a modern and up to date browser. Go to Browse Happy to find and download the latest version of your favourite browser.

Browse Happy

Pop-up Blockers

Some papers use pop-up windows, therefore you will need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser for the Waikato University Moodle site. Refer to the FAQ section of the Moodle Support course.

Applications (programs)

Some papers will provide resources in various file formats. Below are some examples.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Word Processor
PowerPoint Viewer
Excel Viewer

Open Office is a free office suite application and is available to download from: If you use this for your assignments please remember to save your documents with a .doc extension to ensure your lecturer can open them.

Multimedia Plugins

Some papers may provide audio, video and/or flash based resources which may require special plug-ins. Below are some examples. Your browser should prompt you to install a plug-in if appropriate.

Windows Media Player
Apple Quicktime 6
Acrobat reader

Flash player 8
ShockWave player
Java Applets
Java Mac OSx

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