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Moodle - Student Help

This section of the Help Files covers the Assignment activity in Moodle.

There are a few different submission options that your lecturer will configure when creating an assignment. They are:

Online Text – This option provides a text area where you can enter and edit text directly into the Moodle assignment activity. This is viewed and graded if necessary by your lecturer. 

Online Submission

Uploading files – This option allows you to upload one or more documents into the Moodle assignment activity. You can use the 'Add...' button to find files on your computer (or Private files area) and uplaod them OR you can drag and drop files directly into the box provided.

Upload Submission

Comments - This option allows you to add comments to your submission.

Comments Submission

Note that it is also possible to have none of the above submission options. The assignment activity may simply provide detail and instructions about an activity which you will not complete within Moodle.  An example could be a face to face speech or a physical task.  Your lecturer may also provide one of these assignment types as a placeholder for a grade for an assessment that has already been completed.

The status of your submission will appear on the page each time you view it. If you have already started your submission you can edit it up until the point when you 'Submit assignment'.

Assignment Status

Verify your file before submitting your assignment.

Click the filename to open it so you can ensure you have uploaded the correct file. If you need to make changes click the 'Edit submission' button to alter the files.

Click the 'Submit assignment' button to finalise your submission. At this point you will receive a submission receipt to your email (check your messaging options if you do not receive an email).

You are required to certify the submitted document is your own work and that you have referenced correctly. You also agree that your submission may be submitted to a web-based plagiarism detection tool.

Assignment Certification

Click the 'Continue' button to complete your submission and return to the assignment page to view the Submission status.

Your assignment submission receipt will be emailed once you have submitted and certified that the assignment is your own work and that you have referenced appropriately.

Ensure your messaging settings are configured to receive email notifications for "Assignment notifications".

The email will have a subject line "You have submitted your assignment for <assignment name>" and will be sent from the system so you cannot reply to it. This email can be used as a coversheet for printed work as it states the date and time you submitted along with the submission status.

If your assignment has been configured to send submissions to Turnitin a notice will appear advising that all files uploaded will be submitted to the plagiarism detection service We recommend you do not include your name in the document text or the filename, your lecturer can identify your submission in Moodle. Valid documents types are (Microsoft Word [.doc or .docx], Open Office [.odt], Corel WordPerfect [.wpd], HTML, Adobe PostScript [.ps], Plain Text [.txt], Rich Text Format [.rtf] or PDF). 

Before submitting ensure referencing throughout your work is full and accurate. If you are unsure on referencing conventions, you should seek help from your lecturer/tutor, on-line library tutorials or Student Learning Support.

What happens to Student work?

Once submitted, your work is automatically run through the Turnitin® system and is compared with material in databases it uses. After some processing the Turnitin® website processes the text within your submission. Your lecturer has access to your Similarity Score (the total percentage of text Turnitin® has matched against other sources) and the Originality Report (the summary of the matches found) when provided by Turnitin®. Your lecturer may choose to publish the report to you to view.

How to get Referencing Help

If you are unsure on referencing conventions, you should seek help from your lecturer/tutor; on-line library tutorials; or Student Learning Support.

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