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Moodle Development

Following are some of the tools, utilities or documentation developed by the WCEL team for the Moodle and eLearning community.

Moodle Help Files (v1.9x) (1.2mb Zip)
Released under a Creative-commons licence these UOW Moodle Student Help Files have been adapted from Wintec Student Help Files and used by permission (June 07). Original files created by Teresa Gibbison, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) for the Open Source Courseware Initiative of New Zealand.
Browser Capability Block (v1.9x)
This Moodle block allows a teacher to indicate which browser plug-ins students are likely to require in the course based on the content they are intending to include. The plug-ins they choose are stored against the instance of the block for the course the block has been added to.
Moodle course content archive XSLT transform (v1.9x) (105kb Zip)
An XSLT file that takes forum discussions and posts in a moodle.xml file from a course backup archive and renders them out to an HTML file. The rendered page is portable and contains the discussions and posts in their original structure but without the original Moodle theme and header/footer. It also includes some JavaScript which lets the reader expand/collapse the discussions.
Dialogue module update to support Moodle v1.9 and to support Moodle v2.0
An update to the Dialogue module to bring it inline with v1.9 of Moodle and support roles/capabilities. This is a result of changes made for the University of Waikato by Catalyst in NZ, and includes some other minor feature changes (detailed following). We are now using this code in our production environment.
There is also planned development to redesign the Dialogue module.
Assignment module update to support Bulk Downloads and Receipting (v1.9x) (70kb Zip)
In November 2007 Waikato University contracted Catalyst IT to enhance the assignment submission module to meet our requirements for bulk-downloads, generation of a coversheet for printing purposes, and generation of receipts for the file submitted by the student which is emailed to them to keep as a record. View the diff for Moodle 2 Stable version as per MDL-28651.
Course Files Directory Tree Block (v1.9x)
Moodle block to display course files in a YUI TreeView widget. Includes a bunch of config settings that allow a teacher/admin to specify which folder from their files directory should be displayed, how deeply the folders should be crawled and made visible and what the name of the block should be.

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