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WCELfest2011 Presentation Materials

Materials from most sessions from WCELfest2011 have been linked below. The majority of session have been recorded using Panopto. Please don't forget to complete the short evaluation form so we can continue to improve WCELfest!

Session Resources:

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Keynote: Mark Nichols, Executive Director Faculty, Open Polytechnic
Extend, Enhance, Excite, Engage … and, above all, Educate!
Keynote - Mark Nichols thumbnail

Mark’s keynote addresses a framework for implementing and evaluating eLearning that "places the eLearning emphasis where it belongs".

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Presentation slides (651kb PDF)

Sponsor: Ruth Peterson - Ako Aotearoa

Ruth Peterson thumbnail Ako Aotearoa's vision is the best possible educational outcomes for all learners and focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of tertiary teaching and learning practices. The Ako Aotearoa website provides a wealth of resource for tertiary educators and has some excellent tools for manaaging your projects and collaborations. Ako Aotearoa are kindly sponsoring lunch for the conference.
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WCEL Wrap 2011: Derek White - Waikato Centre for eLearning
Derek White thumbnail

Information about the current and upcoming technology develoments at the University of Waikato including Google Apps, Wimba Voice Tools, Wimba Classroom, Moodle 2.0, CMap, Panopto Focus, Lightwork Grabook Integration project and eLearning Pilots.

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Presentation slides (Online)

Sara Archard, Stephen Harlow & Rosina Merry Video Feedback
Stephen Harlow, Rosina Merry & Sara Archard thumbnail

After previous successes using audio and video podcasts to increase their online presence and to humanise their online courses, Sarah and Rosina trialled giving students feedback using video recording software. The lecturers recorded themselves giving oral feedback to students while simultaneously capturing their face and the student's work. Hear about the context and rationale for the pilot while reporting some preliminary student and lecturer reflections.
Panopto video
Presentation slides (Online)

Alison Campbell Playing with Panopto - experiences of lecture capture
Alison Campbell thumbnail

Panopto is a bit of software that lets you capture what’s going on in your lecture, and then posts the content (audio, video, powerpoint & slide views) onto a server for students in your class to access. And for you, too – it’s a great tool for self-review & reflection. And no, students don’t use this resource as an excuse to wag lectures!

Panopto video
Presentation slides (663kb PDF)

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Lucy Campbell The experience of using Panopto video and desktop capture in an on-line graduate paper
Lucy Campbell thumbnail

This paper will trace the learning experience of a lecturer using video and desktop capture to extend and enhance communication and creativity, both for students and by students, in an on-line graduate paper and will reflect on ideas gained and thoughts on its use for future papers.

Panopto video
Presentation slides (549kb PDF)

John Clayton Integrated Systems Learning Environment (ISLE)
John Clayton thumbnail

Educational institutions are increasingly pressured deploy a range of advanced educational technologies. The dominance of the traditional learning management system (LMS) is being eroded by demands for live conferencing, sophisticated recording functionality and mobile delivery.

However, research indicates there is a direct correlation between participants’ confidence and competence in their learning environment and their capability to operate successfully in these environments. The dilemma faced by institutions is how to introduce new technologies in a systematic way. This interactive presentation will review how the Emerging Technologies Centre at Wintec is using the Moodle platform to bind together a range of e-learning systems. These systems include Mobile Learning, Web and Video Conferencing, Lecture and Learning Event Capture & Video Streaming.
Panopto video
Presentation slides (409kb PDF)

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Cathy Coleborne Digital Pasts? Teaching History Online
Cathy Coleborne thumbnail

This presentation explores some of the modes we might use to teach History online. In 2009-2010, I taught two undergraduate papers - Digital Histories, and Global Histories - using a combination of digital tools and a NET delivery mode via Moodle. In the first, students were required to engage with digital histories in a direct way and their learning involved using ICT, including digital storytelling using Windows Movie Maker.

In the NET paper, a 'classroom' paper was delivered via podcasts, online discussions and exercises. My reflections on both papers have combined to produce a few ideas about how academic history might be presented and conveyed to students using the techniques of online learning. I want to couch these findings within the relevant pedagogical literature in the discipline, also arguing that History offers specific potential in the field of online learning.
Panopto video
Presentation slides (491kb PDF)

Willem de Lange, Rob Torrens & Craig Hight Teaching Software to First Year Students: experiences across three disciplines
Hight et al thumbnail

This session will discuss experiences from three disciplnes of teaching software in introductory level undergraduate papers; using Google Earth to explore spatial relationships in landscapes , AD software to introduce students to design processes within engineering and using an open source version of Photoshop (GIMP) to give practical insights into image manipulation partices within digital media

In each of these cases the practical skills being taught to students are designed to scaffold specific skills required throughout the undergraduate programme. However, these case studies provide rich comparisons of the ways in which specific teaching approaches are shaped by a host of assumptions within each discipline, together with more practical concerns such as the availability of specific hardware and software resources and how to support these.
Panopto video
Presentation slides (637kb PDF)

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Glyn Jones As Neil said: Rust never sleeps

Glyn Jones imageI will present two interesting applications of Panopto in B semester. I encouraged my tutors to capture their reflections about tutoring 191B as the basis for a conference paper. I have come across other papers where academics had interviewed tutors about tutoring first year students but nothing by tutors themselves. I decided that a novel way to do this was using the technology, in this case Panopto. So approximately every two weeks the tutors met as a small group – 5 – and talked at the camera in the suite in WMS. They did this over the semester doing a summary session at the end of the semester. Some interesting insights came out of these reflections, perhaps the most being that they found the act of sitting together and reflecting collectively was a very supportive experience. I am hoping that the result will form the basis for a paper in 2011.

I teach the very large first year Introduction to Management paper (700+) in 2011 and even though I try to keep the students informed about matters that crop up, inevitably I get students chasing me, especially those who did not make it to class. So I became frustrated at repeating the same message many times, verbally and in an electronic form which led me to decide to make weekly ‘broadcasts’ on a link inserted into the paper outline called ‘Question Time.’ As issues came up, questions that needed answering by me, I went to the suite, put my feet on the desk and switched on Panopto and made a ‘broadcast’ to the class. These varied from 5 – 15 minutes, were informal and ‘folksy.’ Within 5 minutes students were able to access this via the paper outline. The feedback has been very positive from the class and I can even see who tunes in! Both of these experiences have potential for expansion in 191 introduction to Management in 2011.

Audio mp3 file (34.5mb)

Jan Pilditch Blogging on the Web & Creative Writing
Jan Pilditch thumbnail

This paper will discuss my experience of allowing creative writing students to place their work on the web for comment and marking with somewhat surprising results.

Panopto video

Student Learning Variety is the Spice of Life: The Student Learning Approach to eLearning
Student Learning thumbnail

The Student Learning team has developed a range of eLearning resources to assist students develop the academic literacy skills they need to achieve their study goals at university. These resources include, for example, interactive workshops on time management, the reading process, essay writing and paraphrasing; pronunciation exercises; and Math workshops and practice exercises. During this presentation we'll show how easy it is for students and staff to locate our online resources and materials, and will demonstrate the features and variety that are available to students.
Presentation slides (936kb PDF)

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Noeline Wright mLearning: You can't leave them to their own devices
Noeline Wright thumbnail

This presentation draws together threads from an e-learning literature review and a small study at a secondary school where teachers and students used mobile and digital tools for learning. Implications for practices in the tertiary context will be raised, especially given the predictions regarding mobile use in the 2010 Australia-New Zealand Horizon Report (Johnson et al, 2010).
Panopto video
Presentation slides (Online)

Workshop: Claire Timpany & Nic Vanderschantz Zotero with our Students...

Claire Timpany & Nic Vanderschantz thumbnailZotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps gather, organize, and analyse sources.  We will discuss how this has enhanced our student’s referencing skills and provided a collaborative working environment for multi-author papers. We will present an introductory hands on workshop to get you started with Zotero in your own work and that of student researchers in your classroom or your research teams.

Workshop Handout (603kb PDF)
Zotero Tour Video (links to

Workshop: Thom Cochrane & Vickel Narayan iPadagogy Workshop

Thom Vickel thumbnailThe workshop will be a ‘hands-on’ exploration of some of the potential applications of wireless mobile devices (in particular the Apple iPad) in tertiary education. Thom will draw upon his work with mobile web 2.0 projects at Unitec from 2007 to 2010, including three iPad projects with three different student groups in 2010. Vickel will share his experience in the project he was involved in with Civil Engineering students. A range of iPad affordances and Web 2.0 tools will then be demonstrated and explored by the workshop attendees, including Video Editing and presentations, Geo tagging, Micro-blogging, RSS subscriptions, Direct image and audio blogging, Enhanced Student PODCasts, Social Networking.
Thom's resource website:

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