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November 2013 Archives

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Today a colleague suggested that a quick post about would be a useful addition to the WCEL blog posts for this year, so here goes. is an example of a digital curation tool - that is, you choose a topic, search the web for quality resources about that topic, and build a magazine-style web page to showcase these resources. Usually this includes your commentary on how good the resource is - hence the 'curation' term.  You can join for free or upgrade to a paid account for extra features. 

Other people can follow your page (like twitter or facebook) and be automatically notified when you post a new scoop. The web tool is easy to use, and would make a very good activity for online students to do as well as being used by teachers and lecturers for their own specialist topic. 

WCEL has several pages currently active, the one that I curate is Online Video in Education. This page has a particular focus on online video in relation to university- level tertiary education. I review the resources a couple of times a week and usually add a new resource at least once a fortnight. helps me do this by providing a list of possible additions according to keywords and sources I have set when I began the topic. 

You also build up a community of pages that you follow according to your interest(s). Try for yourself when you have a few minutes spare, it's quite addictive. 

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