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May 2012 Archives

Recently the University has experienced a phishing attack, so it seemed like a good time to write about netsafety. Dishonesty isn't something new, we all know it exists. The thing that is new is the environment where we are facing dishonesty. Thinking about it, it really isn't that surprising there are those who are trying to rip you off online. People can be dishonest and people use technology to help them be dishonest.  Guess the trick is to ensure you protect yourself as much as possible and acquire the skills to recognise dishonesty when it presents itself. It actually isn't that difficult to be safe online there are some really obvious measures you can take. Mostly they are the same things you would do in a face to face situation.

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Tuesday was a mission for me as I became more and more tired...  Highlights included another demo of the new Assignment module which I put on the big screen for the others in the office.  It’s a huge improvement where the individual assignments are bundled into one activity.  This has all the options you need to determine what you require which allows staff to change the assignment type without the need to recreate it.  

After a bit of actual work and some lunch a couple of colleagues and myself watched Recording Audio and Video with PoodLL with Justin Hunt (Japan).  Justin demonstrated the capabilities and we had a play on  This has potential for our language learners as an audio & video tool for student submissions and our staff for providing feedback.   

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Day 3 started with an introduction to by Staurt Mealor. provides completely free Moodle hosting for completely free Moodle courses and hopes to change the world for the better through Moodle-enabled free education! Later in this evening I was impressed by the collaborative success of Anna Krassa, George Chalatzoglidis and Vasilis Palilis (Greece) with their Greek courses within

I watched another couple of sessions between normal Monday morning work then repeated my presentation after lunch. I was (understandably) not present during Chad Leaman & Ben Young (Canada)’s 4:30am Making Your Moodle Mobile session so watched the recording in the afternoon. This was an interesting experience... after attending 21 live sessions my brain was wondering why I couldn’t ask questions via the text chat!

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It was an early morning for me (for a Sunday!), up at 7:30am for another 4.5hr marathon of sessions in my dressing gown! A few pots of tea later I had listed to Gareth (United Kingdom) talk about The Collapsed Topics Course Format which reduces the dreaded scroll of death, Michael de Raadt (Australia) from Moodle HQ talk about how Moodle gets from HQ to us and how we can help.  I was pleased to hear in this session that my Moodle Testing was appreciated and that I was currently the top tester :)

My good friend Stuart Mealor (New Zealand) from HRDNZ talked about Using Moodle in Business.  I liked the way Stuart used a Moodle course & lesson to present rather than by PowerPoint. Someone else I know well is Joyce Seitzinger (ex New Zealand, now Australia).  Jouce presented on the Moodle Toolguide for Teachers and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs).  Joyce gave us homework to draw our own PLN and tweet - see mine uploaded here...

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Today is the second day of iMoot2012, a four day online conference running 24 hours a day around the world (Saturday 26 May to Tuesday 29 May 2012).

This is the third year I’ve attended iMoot and I love the concept of a global group of Moodle users coming together to share, learn and collaborate.  Each year there are many MoodleMoots held around the world but these tend to mainly have only local or near visitors.  I have many international Moodle connections and it’s nice to be able to get together at the same and talk to each other, if only via live text chat.

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