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Recently the University of Waikato Teaching Development Unit published their TDU Talk magazine - an issue with the theme Towards the University of the Future.

All of the articles related to elearning in some way - to read, click this link:

One of the articles looked at the top ten online workload management strategies experienced e-lecturers use to manage their workload.  

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Today a colleague suggested that a quick post about would be a useful addition to the WCEL blog posts for this year, so here goes. is an example of a digital curation tool - that is, you choose a topic, search the web for quality resources about that topic, and build a magazine-style web page to showcase these resources. Usually this includes your commentary on how good the resource is - hence the 'curation' term.  You can join for free or upgrade to a paid account for extra features. 

Other people can follow your page (like twitter or facebook) and be automatically notified when you post a new scoop. The web tool is easy to use, and would make a very good activity for online students to do as well as being used by teachers and lecturers for their own specialist topic. 

WCEL has several pages currently active, the one that I curate is Online Video in Education. This page has a particular focus on online video in relation to university- level tertiary education. I review the resources a couple of times a week and usually add a new resource at least once a fortnight. helps me do this by providing a list of possible additions according to keywords and sources I have set when I began the topic. 

You also build up a community of pages that you follow according to your interest(s). Try for yourself when you have a few minutes spare, it's quite addictive. 

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Learn Moodle- Course overview.png

The WCEL Team are excited about the first Moodle MOOC starting this month.  This is a FREE online course designed for anyone who wants to learn about using Moodle with others from around the world.  

Designed to provide a good foundation and context to Moodle, the course covers the basics of the open source (and free!) learning platform, including how to set up and effectively use Moodle in teaching. Visit for more information

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plagiarism-org.pngThe University of Waikato is committed to upholding the highest degree of academic excellence for students enrolled in all its papers and programmes university-wide.  To provide lecturers the opportunity to monitor levels of academic integrity for students and where needed provide extra support or establish evidence for disciplinary matters we use Turnitin®.

iPardigms, the provider of Turnitin® have a useful website which provides useful information including a great resource on Types of Plagiarism that is worth a read.

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~ MoodleMoot New Zealand 2013 - 22nd to 24th April 2013, Waikato University Hamilton Campus ~ 

WCEL are proud to be a part of organising this year's New Zealand Moodle conference in April. 

The conference is run over three days with workshops on the Monday followed by two days of keynotes, conference presentations and open spaces which are organised into three 'tracks' - technical, teaching, and everything else!  

Hosting this event is a fantastic professional development opportunity for the University and we encourage teaching staff to keep an eye out for internal communication about the opportunity to attend.

There are spaces available in the programme if you are interested in presenting.  Share your Moodle experience and help make this year's Moodle Moot a great one! Remember attendees are at all levels so even if you are new to using Moodle you can contribute. Create an account on the Moodle Moot website and submit a Proposal today!

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This year's WCELfest took place on Thursday 31st January 2013 and was another successful day. We had over 150 registrations and feedback so far has been fantastic.   

In an excellent keynote address, Dr John Hinchcliff examined how we should approach the future of learning and the pressures forcing change on the academy while finding a careful balance between our engagement with technology and engaging with the person.

Recordings of the day's events, including Dr John Hinchcliff's keynote, are now available online.

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ASCILITE 2012 was held this year in Wellington on November 25 - 28. This is probably one of the premiere e-learning conferences in Australasia, and so having it happen in New Zealand (instead of Australia where it usually resides) was a bonus for Kiwis with an interest in e-learning. To be fair it isn't always in Australia - there have been two conferences in Auckland and one in Singapore. Nigel Robertson, the WCEL team leader, myself, and several other University of Waikato staff attended (Katherine Brown, Diane Forbes, and Noeline Wright - apologies if I've missed anyone).  

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On Saturday 15 September the world celebrates Software Freedom Day. Software Freedom Day aims to promote some thought about how important software is to our modern lives. It highlights the need to consider the importance of open software. As we come to rely more and more on technology to live our lives, fully engaged with society, it is crucial that we consider what closed systems mean and celebrate and support open platforms.

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When we get information from the web it isn’t raw data it is filtered by the systems we use, the search engine or the social media tool we like. If you are under the impression that you are getting impartial information you need to think again.

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It’s Digital Literacy Awareness Week at Waikato and I’ve been forced to think about how to describe digital literacy.   For me, digital literacy is about the way that we approach our use of technology and the meaning it brings to us.  

About 4 years ago, I had taken my son (who was eight at the time) to his swimming lesson.  Afterwards, he wanted to know if Mum had gotten something ready for him.  I said that I wasn't sure but that we could phone her.  He immediately replied, "But you don't have a phone Dad"...

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